2018 Cannondale Bad Boy 1 Review (un-filtered)

2018 Cannondale Bad Boy 1 Review (un-filtered)

Цены на велосипеды и аксессуары Cannondale :

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  1. Sorry, but this Bike is shit and so is the concept of lefty forks. The Fork is not at all stable enough. I noticed strange sounds from the front hub on the first test drive after 10 minutes because of instability of the axis.
    Its just an overpriced piece of American crap.

  2. Hello Mark.. I was searchin' for a bike to get my bro.. he does 5miles a day to and from Jones Beach.. He has a old hybrid now.. was thinking of this for him.. how do you like it?
    thank you

  3. I have this bike. Had if for a few months now. At first, didn't like the gates carbon drive. Turns out, it needed adjusting. Since the adjustment, bike's been great. It is a smooth ride (though for non commuters, chain drive is faster than belt drive), lefty fork is awesome and the overall ride is super comfortable. That in addition to all the looks you get from folks. It is a really beautiful bike. Though if I had to pick, I'd choose a Canyon 8.0 over this one. The engineering on that thing is awesome. Though, all in all, happy with this purchase. I also own a 2013 bad boy 9 that I use for faster road rides.

  4. I dont know how Cannondale did this??
    The Gearbox ist from Shimano, called Alfine, and it is old 😂
    Nonplusultra is Pinion, then Rohloff, then Alfine

  5. im interested on a cannondale bad boy 1 with a shimano alfine 8….but i wonder….can that internal hub really climb up hills? Specially when that crankset has only one chainring? Thabks for the answer.

  6. before you "review" a bike you should arm yourself with at least basic knowledge about bikes. Or at least educate yourself briefly on the specific model you're "reviewing".

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