Bensday with Batgirl and Ben episode 79

Just a short update from Ben. he is getting better and will be back to work soon. Ben, We all miss you and are happy you are healing!

As always thank you for listening to and viewing my episodes.

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30 Replies to “Bensday with Batgirl and Ben episode 79”

  1. YAY BEN!!! Wishing you a swift recovery!
    Side note though, was it only one eye that was affected? They could have given you a lightblocking monocole! Like a true gentleman.

    Edit: Well I feel like an idiot now. I never knew Ben was blind in one eye.

  2. Ben, I would Tweet this, but it's too long. My life has mostly been crap, and the Star Citizen folks help make it worth living. After hearing your story my level of self pity is down, and my respect for you is way up. Great to see you back online. Hope the recovery is swift and complete. I don't think we'd be nearly as good as we are without you. Thank you sir, for everything.

  3. FYI: This entire episode besides 1 comment about a WC suprise in SC, does not get into anything Star Citizen related. Save time and skip unless you want to hear about Bens health and surgery.

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