Electric Bike E-Bike FOR $500 — ANCHEER 20″ Folding Bike — Unboxing Assembly and Test Ride — Ebay

Electric Bike E-Bike FOR $500 — ANCHEER 20″ Folding Bike — Unboxing Assembly and Test Ride — Ebay Buy. I found this affordable E-Bike on Ebay but…Was it worth it? (36V 250W) Lithium Battery 7-speed E9. We Unbox — Assemble — Test Ride — and Review this Bicycle.

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37 Replies to “Electric Bike E-Bike FOR $500 — ANCHEER 20″ Folding Bike — Unboxing Assembly and Test Ride — Ebay”

  1. Thank you for the video. I bought three Ancheer bikes. I bought two of the 14-inch folding bikes. I choose the 14 inch because it had disk brakes. I also bought the 26-inch folding mountain bike with mag wheels. I bought the 14-inch folding bike from eBay for less than $430.00 each. One of the bikes was for my son. It has better range than any scooter I could find in the price range. The only problem with the 14 inch bikes is that the seat post bent the first time I used it. I found a great replacement here http://www.lightinthebox.com/mixim-31-6-580mm-long-aluminum-alloy-seat-tube-seatpost_p2593440.html. The eBay seller offered to reimburse me but I considered the seat post an upgrade. The horn didn't work on the 26-inch bike. Ancheer bikes are a great value and are pretty well designed. Just don't expect the company to provide any support after purchase. I couldn't be happier with the purchases though.

  2. appreciate the review. i have been looking at this bike and the vilano ion. the vilano looks to be about the same but with disk brakes.

  3. I bought mines in April 2016 from Amazon. exact same bike. Amazon sent it to a local bike shop for assembly free of cost. it still works great today.

  4. nice review dude. ur the only one I've seen actually describe the power of the electric feature and good details about all parts of the bike😀

  5. Do you happen to know if there is any replacement batteries and tires out there for this bike. If so where? That's the only thing holding me back from buying it.

  6. Good to see that,thanks.Also if you can test ride the Mpman EB7 electric foldable bike, to tell us if it is works on electric full mode ride or not .All best.

  7. you know what dude, as far as a real explanation of how this bike works you are by far the best of any on youtube..got it working last night..I couldn't figure out how to go full electric, watching your video changed everything. thanks!!!

  8. Excellent review, best E bike video I've seen yet. I'm looking for a bike to head into the woods with, so I'd like to know if it's decent for minor off road stuff. And how heavy is it? Can you carry it over a log?

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