Ghost Nivolet AL 2 Bike Review Slash Reveal

This is my new Ghost Nivolet AL 2!
It was a steal of a deal at a local bike shop in Ottawa.
Is this video really just about a bike? Watch to the end to find out!
This video gives you all the technical specs paired with some super dope cinematography thanks to my brother Doyle.

Check out his website or YouTube channel @

4 Replies to “Ghost Nivolet AL 2 Bike Review Slash Reveal”

  1. Very nice, I threw away my mountain bike not long ago but really been thinking of getting a road bike but with a mountain bike frame.

  2. I really don't know if i should buy this bike or not.

    I've found it for about $800 new but i can't find a single review on internet!

    I keep watching your video over and over but can't decide. Please help me 🙁

    ps: i would use this bike for work as a bike messenger

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