Giant Defy 5 Best Value Road Bike Video Review

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The Giant Defy 5 road bike is an incredible value. For $660 you get a road bike with a high quality aluminum frame from the worlds largest producer of bicycle frames — Giant. Because they’re so large they can offer a much better value per dollar than many of their competitors. That makes the Defy 5 an incredible value to you if you’re just looking to get onto a road bike for the first time. You shouldn’t feel like you need to spend thousands of dollars in order to start riding road bicycles. This is an entry level bike that is fast, comfortable, and very easy to start out with. I’d recommend the Defy 5 to anyone looking to get into road biking!

Цены на велосипеды Giant

28 Replies to “Giant Defy 5 Best Value Road Bike Video Review”

  1. Holy cow, you look like Conor McGregor! 🙂 Great bike reviews, Peter! Please keep them coming and maybe some wheel & component reviews too!

  2. Awesome little review! Got a kinda beat up used Giant Defy for my first bike and well it only took 300 miles on that machine to know I wanted more. It was a proper gateway drug! Do you have any vids on Hybrids?

  3. Mine is the L. 5. It was a birthday gift (09-17). Where might I find more information?. I really LOVE the features, design and overall performance

  4. I got the defy 3 that I use for winter riding. I think bikes in this price range are great if you don't want to ruin your "nice" bike. I also have a specialized Paris roubaix which is awesome

  5. Hey out of interest do you think compact frames give the appearance of being small for the rider as opposed to standard road bike geometry? It may be just something I see because I'm not used to it. Nice channel by the way 👍

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