Horse for the Course — Icelandic Gravel on the GT Grade

On a 200km route around the starkest landscapes of Iceland, Tom Marvin got a chance to try out the GT Grade in its natural habitat.

Цены на велосипеды GT и аксессуары

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31 Replies to “Horse for the Course — Icelandic Gravel on the GT Grade”

  1. Any suggestions on a proper gravel tire (and no I don't want a CX tire as I ride 50% of the time on tarmac)? I've run Conti 4000s II and Michelin Pro4 Endurance — they both were durable enough and I could run them at low pressures but as you noted cornering could be a bit dicey and you get the occasional side/back slip. I have my eyes on Spec's Armadillo Elites but I haven't seen any gravel-oriented reviews.

  2. +BikeRadar Hi, would you mind sharing the route, or some landmarks that you hit along it? The footage looks amazing. Looking to go to Iceland soon and I'm collecting possible ride ideas at the moment.
    Thank you!

  3. Ah, man..Just heard of this bike. I was set on a Norco-Search (Alu.) in Tiagra or 105 but I'll have to test ride one of these GT's as well.

  4. Day 1 I'd have a decent set of off road nobbies on a bike like that. No way I'd ever ride with slicks. Adventure bikes are designed to go off road otherwise just get an endurance Road bike.

  5. You didn't mention the NOISE of the cables and the brake levers as they clatter against each other. My old steely is much, much quieter than this bike.

  6. i'm a bit worried about the back of it.. i have to goover some really harsh bubps on my fraining route and i am very conserned about the thin piece on carbon on the bsck, i am over 90kg. would this break the carbon??

  7. I love this video! I am on a search for a proper gravel bike that will hold heavier riders. I'm a bit skeptical about the seat stays, but the bike seems to perform great!

  8. Hi, I'm looking to buy an adventure bike. Would you recommend the awol? Tbh I'm a bit turned off by its very heavy weight so I'm looking at norco search s1, pinnacle arkose 3 , giant revolt 1 and genesis croix de fur 20 and the gt grade. Have you got any views on them? Thanks a lot!

  9. +BikeRadar You guys posted a video from April 15 2015 awarding this bike (GT Grade Carbon 105) Best Debut of the Year. The man narrating that video goes on and on about how well the triple triangle seat stay technology does in dampening vibration and making the Grade a super comfortable ride on gravel. He also goes on about it's on road speed capabilities and gripping, despite being primarily more of a gravel bike, and how it succeeds in pretty much every category. Not that you gave the bike a bad review here, but it seemed much more lukewarm. After watching that first vid I thought "damn, I want that bike", but watching this one doesn't inspire nearly as much excitement. Are these merely dissenting opinions of individual employees?

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