New, 2018 Cannondale Trigger. Features And Details. Full Suspension Trail Bike.

I got this bike for 2 weeks and I’m gonna take that opportunity by planning technique training in the mountains…

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Цены на велосипеды и аксессуары Cannondale :

34 Replies to “New, 2018 Cannondale Trigger. Features And Details. Full Suspension Trail Bike.”

  1. that is awesome… it's not easy find this here in Brazil… probably cost thousand and thousands and thousands of Reais (Brazilian currency)

  2. I currently ride a trigger, but I cant get behind a carbon bike with slx components and 2x. These bikes are going to start at like 3500$, for that money I darn well want xt components and a dropper out of the box

  3. Nice!! I have 2 cannondale's, the only cannondale I wouldn't own is a lefty, never warmed up to a one sided fork, no matter what the company says about it, just never seemed right….

  4. Jeden mały błąd… Fox nie jest na kashimie. 😀 Poza tym tak obstawialem, że będzie enduro i nowy jekyll albo trigger. Powodzonka!

  5. But wait, is this really going to be your new bike? Hmm i tought you didnt like the internal ruted cables… Something is fishy here 😉

  6. Ugly bike. There is nothing special, simple one pivot rear suspension and Fox have^tKashime. 2by11? cables, cables, cables every where ,sick! And price like for motorbike hehe

  7. nice paint job c-dale but ew cables everywhere!! and dat fork is not kashima duh not even factory come on you are not some amateur reviewer!!

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