Scott E-Sub Tour Video Review — Sporty Commuter Ebike

The Scott E-Sub Tour is an efficient but comfortable commuter-ready electric bike with balanced motor and battery, easily reaches 20 mph and pedals well with a 10 speed Shimano Deore drivetrain. Beautiful aesthetic here, everything matches and looks sporty (frame, fenders, grips, stem, battery graphic etc.), integrated lights and reflective tires keep you visible. Available in three frame sizes for improved fit, adjustable stem is handy but can become loose over time, unique «bulge» ergonomic grips, suspension fork has lockout. Both wheels feature quick release for easy maintenance or flat fixes, battery and display panel are removable to protect and charge off-bike, no bottle cage bosses, limited US availability.

17 Replies to “Scott E-Sub Tour Video Review — Sporty Commuter Ebike”

  1. Excellent filming court. Nice, nice angle-shots. You never cease to amaze me man.


  2. Court can you do a video on your filming process? Like do you go to NYC, cover 10 bikes and just release them as you go? Do you edit and everything on the road? I think it would be fun to see!

  3. I have this almost exact bike but with the Shimano Steps system, not sure why they started using bosch. Got it 1,5 years ago for about 3000 USD where I live (Sweden). I loved it, and still kinda love it but the amount of times I've had it in for service man, would probably have ruined me if it didnt come with such a good warranty.
    Was gonna pick it up today for the last thing I had it in for (broken wheel, covered by warranty), and I get an error code on the screen.. I turn it off and on and it's gone but as soon as I pull out on lowest power setting I get a totally different error code and it starts beeping. So I roll back 20 m to the store again. Bummer.

    I hesitate saying something bad about it since it's served me so well for so long, and to be fair 70% of services is to deal with loose breaks (don't know enough to deal with hydralic breaks myself) and just upkeep after harsh winters and such. But then there are the other more serious mechanical and electrical things that goes wrong every now and then.

    Maybe bikes just don't like our medieval roads in nw.europe. Anyway, maybe the bosch system on this bike works better.

  4. Hi Court, great review. At 17:10 you say once you stop peddling the bike slows down fast, does that mean it doesn't really coast and you always have to keep peddling? Thanks for any help.

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