Sondors THIN Electric Bike Review

It’s an electric bike with a 50 mile range that costs just $500. Techwalla editor Dave Johnson takes a close, hands-on look and gives his recommendation.

21 Replies to “Sondors THIN Electric Bike Review”

  1. UTTER RIP OFF!! Do not buy. There is not one person for support, the two weeks I have had mine I had a blow out that forced me off the bike and another flat on the other tire a week later. They are stiff, only give me 15 mile range on flat terrain (they sell it as 50), not even close to their selling point. HORRIBLE. I cant even write on their page anymore.

  2. Nice review , thanks
    Just got mine and have been starring at the box for two days , but getting ready to assemble it my self.
    They suggest taking it to a bike shop if you don't know what you're doing , how ever I'm taking the change .

  3. I disliked this video because it is comertial not a review. For people I suggest to watch other peoples review to figure out if this bike is for you. This video contains qute some lies: 38pounds is not true, its more like 46,5 (still ok but not 38), price is 500$ but dont forget 200$ shipping. Less than 20miles on battery only is correct but how much less? it depends on riders weight, if you more than 180 pounds it is way more than 20 miles.

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