Sondors Thin Video Review — Indiegogo Crowd Funded Electric Bike

The Sondors Thin is an affordable, light weight, single speed electric bike launched on Indiegogo offering a geared hub motor with 350 watt power in the US and 250 watts in the EU. Available in two colors: black or white, one medium size (19 inches) and a traditional high-step diamond frame style, unique battery box hides the wires and contains a custom battery pack containing quality Panasonic cells. Responsive 8 magnet cadence sensor with basic LED console and trigger throttle for the US but no adjustability or LCD display included (sold separately for $99). No refunds or warranty, limited support, assembly required and professional tuning recommended, stiffer ride experience with no suspension and all-Aluminum frame, heavier than expected at 46.5 lbs.

35 Replies to “Sondors Thin Video Review — Indiegogo Crowd Funded Electric Bike”

  1. I love your videos. my Schwinn Tailwind battery died. the people I bought is from won't sell me a replace ment. I am saving up for a Sounders. im still riding at 62-year-old. any way you can find out where i can get another battery? i love this bike.

  2. Why couldnt you build it yourself LOL
    Its a step up from a Walmart bike.

    Telescope thing? its a tube bruh LOL
    Fully charged battery, is not good for storage. BAD SIGN

  3. great review. also, just learned about velofix. They have one in my city! I'm a bike noob so I'll definitely check them out when I upgrade.

    I'm more interested in the rad power bikes but sondors catches my attention.

    you do an outstanding job with this youtube channel. well done sir.

  4. Couldn't I just get a good name brand bike for the same price? It'll come with a derailleur so it'll be just as fast because of the less electronic components. Especially the battery.
    Edit: you can also get a front suspension and a rear Shimano cassette to give this bike extra gears but that's an extra $200 lol so bike is $500 + shipping $200+ LCD screen $100=$800+ if you want a derailleur + and front suspension =$1000.

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  7. I would love to see someone like Specialized, Haibike or Riese & Muller to put the money into buying Sonders and turning it into their own "more affordable" ebike options. This would serve two purposes, it would keep the Sonders bikes affordable while giving the option to get warranties and support, and also getting them off the kickstarter campaigns and all the negative things that go with it (for example when they first started out they wanted their first bike to be $1999 but it ended up costing way more by the time they actually had them prepared to deliver)

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