Specialized Crosstrail Review (2016)

My 8 week old CrossTrail bike. Great in every respect except that the hubs (and gears?) run rough. It’s being sorted and I hope to update the situation soon with a review on a 2017 CrossTrail Expert.
Check out the review for my experience with this great (even though this particular unit is defective) bike!

UPDATE: Bike has since been replaced by a Trek SuperFly 9.7…NICE MACHINE. Check out the review of this bike perhaps 10 videos ahead of this on this channel. (Dec. 5th/16)

It is at and I review my Trek SuperFly which I also love!

I state in the video the bike is 31.5 lbs., this is a mistake, and it is really 28.5 lbs. in a medium size.

UPDATE November 2016: The company that sold me the original bike (Evans Cycle, Fulham, West London) has proven to be a highly ethical, helpful, and KNOWLEDGEABLE dealer.
With very little hassle, my issues with this defective (but still exceptional) bike were sorted out quickly with an understanding of my situation.

The guys at all Evans branches where I have purchased many bikes over the years, and in the Fulham branch in particular, I recommend their services highly!

Video of the new bike to follow soon after some long rides!

Jim Nickel

Цены на велосипеды и аксессуары Specialized

13 Replies to “Specialized Crosstrail Review (2016)”

  1. Thank you for your informative review. I'm currently trying to decide which manufacture to go with. So far, the Specialized Crosstrail checks all my boxes.

  2. I have a crosstrail disc (not sport) weighed in at 32.5lbs stock. Have since upgraded to XT8000 brakes and a 180 mm front rotor. Pretty quick up hills, can go almost as fast as my 19.5lb carbon road bike though obviously not as easily.

  3. Hope its better than the 2017 Sports Disc model. Love the gears and frame but absolutly disgused by the Fitness Brain forks, completely useless. Now replaced with a Rock Shox Paragon fork with a manual lockout. My personal recommendation would be not to buy the bike and the good news is the 2017 model is the last year for the Crosstrail.

  4. Hi James. If you still own this bike, would you kindly take a look at the non-drive side crank arm and note any identifying text or numbers on the fixing bolt. I need to replace this part but have no way to identify it i.e., part number, etc. Thanks!

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