Super 73 ebike review: the best electric bike!

The Super 73 by Lithium Cycles (Kickstarter project) is my favorite electric bike. It has a top speed of 26 MPH and the battery lasts 20 miles. Find out more here:

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40 Replies to “Super 73 ebike review: the best electric bike!”

  1. I know you're well beyond 100,000 subscribers at this point but it's still a "Christmas Miracle!!" This is the first video I watched of yours after subscribing and I thought it was great. I'd love to get one of these things since I live and work in Bahrain but living on the 21st floor of a 22 floor building might not work out so well for me. By the way Sam, does this bike seem difficult to pedal once the battery dies out due to its 60lb weight?

  2. IV just bought a mini dirt bike for £185 for my son it goes 15mph and lasts an hour, charges in 5. I cud make my own for that price exactly the same.

  3. tooling is expensive? lol like a socket wrench…. this bikes is different components off shelf parts assembled together. yall just slap a kit together.

  4. Love the idea of a battery powered bike of any sort to be fair, so long as it can get up to a decent speed, what a travel companion that would be

  5. nothing new here! its a frame 70's style and a bafang ebike kit with fat tire. people think its new but if you diy yourself its so much cheaper and you have the same components

  6. a silicon valley startup you forgot about was McAfee. I worked for them right after John moved everything out of his house and into an office. I was also there when Norton approached McAfee to buy their first anti virus detection engine.

  7. This thing SUCKS. It's ridiculously big for an electric bike. Just check the internet and you will see that there are better bikes for less money and more flexibility. The video guy seems to be infatuated by style only. Check out for more info.

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