The End | American Chopper

On the series finale, Junior and Senior meet to review Junior’s ideas for the production bike … and discuss the future of — and strains on — their relationship.

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22 Replies to “The End | American Chopper”

  1. What ever happened to Senior coming up it's obvious he's venting on his son. Its a miracle junior is as stable as he is. Its a complete roll reversal here, Senior obviously has issues. It would be wonderful to see him sit junior down and apologize and have the balls to tell all his kids he loves them and that he is proud of them.

  2. Very sad the picture to this video the world's most awkward hug junior is like is this how we do it I've never got one of these yes you'll grow up tuff but at an expense

  3. You call that a hug. That was the most awkward thing I have ever seen between father and son. You only have one father and you let business come between who's the best builder. Fucking breaks my heart to see that money comes between family.

  4. I stopped watching after the 2nd season resulting from all the fucken trashy bullshit.The young bloke was a dirty pig in the shop, never cleaned up after himself and always late. If the father was on steroids then he should have been much bigger than he was. He may have been a distributor instead. As for the drama, the oldy ran a business and the young one flaunted his biological relationship with his father, how it was staged was woeful. All they did was contract engine, fab work and painting out to sell it for $160,000. Premium money for work done by contractors and not themselves!!!! They were middlemen living off others work, just like the republican and democrat politicians and the 1% they support. Think about that.

  5. They would have never sold any bikes without the show.The bikes are overpriced and not very rideable.Paul sr is not the only guy who makes his living with his hands.The one thing I don't miss about about working with certain people is the loud mouth macho crap.I had a boss who got in my face one too many times and I gave it back one day.I have no respect for the Bully crap.You don't need to have a degree or be polished to give another man respect. He sued his son and didn't go to the wedding? Is this what success looks like?

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