Trek Neko+ Video Review — Sporty Mid-Step Electric Bike

The Trek Neko+ is a sporty hybrid electric bike offering a blend of efficiency and trail capability, suspension fork with lockout, hydraulic disc brakes. Removable battery and display panel reduce weight when lifting and transporting the bike, quick release wheels, locking ergonomic grips. The Shimano STePs mid-drive motor is quiet, smooth, and efficient compared to others in the space, it’s also compact and relatively lightweight. The motor does not offer shift sensing which means the chain, sprockets, and derailleur can take a bit more wear, but the chainring has a guide to reduce drops.

Цены на велосипеды TREK и аксессуары

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12 Replies to “Trek Neko+ Video Review — Sporty Mid-Step Electric Bike”

  1. Nice review, as always, and the bike seems to have some good components although I find that 3K is quite pricey, especially with other bikes like Juiced that come in at a friendlier $1500. Of course, it is all relative to your budget, right? Anyhow, the one thing that I am finding less attractive in the looks department is the big battery stuck on the down tube on some electric bikes, like this one. With so many e-bikes now integrating the battery into the down tube, I find this bike a lot less attractive. Again, personal choice.

  2. Hey bro I just bought my first E folding bicycle from Evelo is that a good brand it coming in 5 days so happy the amount I paid is 1799.00 took me a while to save up but gotten it do you think that a good deal for everyday usage ?

  3. Really enjoy your reviews, I'm across the pond here in N Wales Gt Britain and have recently bought the Trek dual sport which has the same components as this bike but different frame and being in Britain the motor can only assist up to 15.9 mph but I just want to say that I absolutely love ❤️ it , best thing since sliced bread. Keep up the good reviews and please do one on the Trek ds 👍👍👍

  4. Can you do a comparison on battery warrantees and future support? I hear Boshe has a long term plan for supporting their batteries so people are not left out in the cold after a few years. I was wandering if other companies have similar support with their batteries too.

  5. Good stuff I want the sondor x it's suppose to be sent out any day now but I won't buy 1 unless you do a review on it. I value your opinion

  6. trek needs to do a better job with their aesthetics especially for a $2999. giant and raleigh are offering bikes at the same price with much better aesthetics, more power & more distance

  7. Sorry to say, you can buy a similar bike"asian produced quality bike" for 1800$ in Sweden"europe" today. Love the Review as Always.

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