Y3000 — The Smallest 720p Camcorder In The World (in 2011)

A review of the Y3000 HD Mini camera. *THIS IS A VIDEO FROM APRIL 2011*
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For how to DELETE THE TIME STAMP & other info — see here


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44 Replies to “Y3000 — The Smallest 720p Camcorder In The World (in 2011)”

  1. I remember looking at this years ago in 3rd grade and when I first saw it I was like ḃḕṠṮ ḉḀṁḕṙḀ ḕṼḕṙ

    Now I know how crap it is.

  2. This was a great video as usual, but watching it in 2017 it's fantastic to see how your editing style has improved even more since 2011.

  3. So which class SD external memory do i should use for more quality and frames per seconds if i'm looking a video like this example??? Thanks for you answering

  4. Good video, but I have just one thing to mention: The port at the bottom that you call a "micro USB" is in fact an 8-pin Mini USB type AB connector.

    Just thought I'd let you know 🙂

  5. I purchased 4 of the mini cameras but they do not work. I have tried everything and nothing. I can't get the little light to stay lit, it just keeps blinking and then goes out. Any help would be approached. Thanks Ron

  6. This is the one I have. I got it on wish for $3.40. That's three dollars and fourty cents.
    It came with user guide, wrist strap, charging cord, and a key ring hook.
    No CD, no sim card.

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