Zempire Atom Tent & Thermarest NeoAir Sleeping Pad Review

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Here’s a quick video review of Kevin’s Zempire Atom Tent & Thermarest NeoAir Sleeping Pad

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12 Replies to “Zempire Atom Tent & Thermarest NeoAir Sleeping Pad Review”

  1. Hey Kevin Macpac another great NZ company make a dry bag with a valve on it for blowing up your thermorest. We have been useing one on our trip on our thermorest xl neo air mats. Weigh next to nothing with 25 litre capacity. Stops that moist air getting in your mat too. $25 NZ dollars I picked it up for. Bargain

  2. I have one of those sleeping pads. The 1st time I used it I put a hole in to while using my pannier as a pillow..stupid thing to do. Tried to patch but still does not hold. Will buy another one later. They are just over $100. USA

  3. Kevin, Looks like you bike is belt drive with a pinion gearbox, 18 spd? How is the belt doing? Belt drive bikes are supposed to be really quiet and low maintenance. Is this your experience?

  4. hey Kevin , I've been using the neo air since it first came out and your right its the best ( and lightest ) sleep mat on the market mate , the trick with them is to blow it up until its hard then leave it for a while ( 2 or 3 hours ) then blow it up again , its 3 inches thick and the best and comfiest nights sleep you'll ever get in a tent , I love mine and wouldn't part with it for the world 🙂 ( its so small it fits in your pocket too )

  5. Kevin, if you get a pack liner size dry bag (60L), catch the air in it, bunch it up in your hand around the valve and then squeeze you can inflate the pad in 4 fills. I have the down filled xtherm neo air which you can't breathe into and it's awesome.

  6. Hi Kevin,after watching you on (YouTube) I'v bought myself the "Zempire Atom" from New Zealand,arrived today 11/1/2018 👍 going away May 1st,France/Spain for 2 Months.Any tips for erecting tent ? Plus time in erecting? Kind Regards Darrell. 🚵

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